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The Sworn Brothers…

DAY 211 - A Storm of Swords - Jaime VIII

"And yet they keep telling me that House Lannister won this war."


(left) hand of the king - a 50000% serious mix dedicated to jaime lannister [listen]

01. roar - katy perry \ 02. sexy back - justin timberlake \ 03. accidentally in love - counting crows \ 04. fuck you - lily allen \ 05. the lion sleeps tonight - the tokens \ 06. i want to break free - queen \ 07. stayin’ alive - bee gees \ 08. flawless (i woke up like this edit) - beyoncé

During a thunderstorm Muse A shows up on Muse B’s doorstep, soaked, shivering and bloody. The only thing they remember is Muse B.


         ❝ – Astonishing is it not, how swiftly the masses might
     alter opinion, on naught save word of     o n e    man? To
     think Robert might so inspire this amongst the lords of
     Westeros and smallfolk alike.

     This Rebellion is foolish; there can be no other description of it.
  Numerous lives shall be lost, as move is made upon the Targaryen
  line — and why? Because a wolf could dare not imagine sharing
  her wedding bed with a    d r u n k e n   oaf.❞
               Fault her for it I cannot, in truth.


Anonymous asked: Margaery is a virgin. Your father wants you to bed her.


           ❝ – The harlot is hardly of virgin status, given the manner
       in which she behaves. Flitting about from man to man, from
       h u s b a n d   to husband; it matters not what maesters
       suggest, for maesters can be bribed. I will not bed the
       girl, any more than I might renounce vows as  
       K I N G S G U A R D .❞


the lannister children have a good funtime

Jaime Lannister of ASOIAF
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